cologne | 15 Jan
The Ultimate
Guide to Perfumes for Men

We are often immensely confused about the kind of perfumes we need to wear and while most men consider it futile to possess fragrances that make you smell great; the benefits most definitely override the glamour. Aromas not only enhance the mood, they also work towards making you feel happier, more confident and sexier. There are numerous brands and various perfumes that appeal to different kinds of people, but picking the right fragrance can be a real game changer. 

A great fragrance is not just a bottled-up scent that you use occasionally, it can be much more than that. Imagine never feeling drained out at work because you have a strong, classy scent that truly rejuvenates you and keeps you going? Fragrances are made to be devoured and used regularly, once a day is a must and carrying the bottle to work is a great idea. Been called the invisible part of personal style, picking the right kind of fragrance that suits your mood, personality and demeanour is more likely to keep you looking dapper and feeling calmer than most others.

 So, what exactly are fragrances and how does one differentiate between a Eau Fraiche, Cologne, Toilette, Perfume and a Parfum? These are all various types of fragrances but come with one stark difference. And that lies in the amount of time it will stay on your body. The defining element in all these fragrances is the dilution level and with Eau Fraiche being the most diluted variant, lasting for less than an hour to Parfum being the least diluted, there is a lot to learn. Men often tend to overlook the importance of investing in a good scent and that is where the problem seeps in. While one person might swoon at a particular smell, someone else might find it extremely annoying or irritable. What you wear on your body not only has an impact of your mood, it also works towards bettering your impression and a general reputation.

Now where does one apply perfume? Most people use perfumes on their wrists and the neck. Pulse points are considered the best places to apply perfumes because they produce more heat than the rest of the body parts and this helps in releasing various notes from the applied perfume. These are areas where the scent tends to work best for your body and spritzing a little bit on your hair can also work wonders. One spritz of the perfume is usually more than enough if the fragrance you own is of good quality and contains minimal dilution. You can also always top it up with an occasional spritz of the same perfume throughout the day. Another important fact to remember is to ensure that you use the same body wash or moisturiser throughout the day which can help in intensifying the scent drastically and take it to a new level. Do not ever rub the fragrance once sprayed on your skin as this will affect the longevity. The ideal way to use a perfume is to let it seep in gracefully and enjoy the aroma that will waft through once it settles in, just before you put on your clothes and head out for work! Remember to never use perfumes to conceal your body odour. Perfumes are usually a mix of different chemicals and this can affect your body negatively if it mixes with sweat.