Skin | 16 Jan
Right Soap for
The Right Season

Choosing the right soap for the right season can be a real task and most soaps come with a varied list of properties and characteristics. Thus, making them unique and special in their own way. Depending on the temperature, climate and your skin type, the kind of soaps you should be using change on a seasonal basis and paying close attention to this is a great way of keeping your health intact and in order. 


During the summer the amount of heat in the air is much more and this hampers the quality of skin if one uses soaps that are equally oily. Men with oily skin face the brunt of this season the most and at such times picking the right soap so that your skin stays protected is crucial. Ingredients like sea salt, brown sugar, oatmeal help tremendously to ease the skin of heat and also clear the extra layers of oil that can be formed on the face during these hot months. If your skin is not very sensitive, try using a mild exfoliating soap that will work on your face. 


For the winter season and for places that see colder climate, selecting a soap that has moisturising properties is essential. Glycerine based soaps are the best for winters and autumn season. For people with dry skin, choosing soaps that inherently have aloe vera, jojoba, vegetable oils, cocoa butter, avocado, etc. can really help to keep the skin hydrated and moist. For people with sensitive skin, choosing a soap that has balanced pH levels, no colorants or perfumes is a good choice.

Here is the list of soap types that all skin types should avoid:
•    Avoid soaps with high acid content or pH value.
•    Soaps which have too many chemicals also should be avoided.
•    Do not try those soaps which are promising 100 percent fairness as they will have too many chemicals in them to achieve the results.
•    Avoid soaps with too much fragrance.

When it comes to soaps, bars usually last much longer than liquid soaps. While people have various misconceptions like a liquid soap is way more hygienic than using a bar of soap. This is not true as the soap gets rinsed every time you wash your hands with it and the grime on your hands is washed off with it. Bar soaps also come with less packaging and the right soap will also vary depending on the kind of environment you stay in, the type of skin you have, etc. So consulting a dermatologist is a good idea before making a decision about the kind of soap to buy.