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A Man’s Guide to Fragrance:
How to Choose and
Wear a Perfume


A mans guide to fragrance

Have you ever passed by someone and turned back or done a double take because the person’s perfume blew your mind? Not only do different smells evoke different emotions in people, they are also responsible for keeping your mood uplifted and boosting your confidence. Too hard to believe? Slap on some great quality perfume and head out to work and see how much it impacts your day! 

So, what exactly is it that makes the right fragrance so alluring and irresistible? Regardless of the choice of setting, the right kind of fragrance can set the tone for and the mood for the day. In such cases, picking the right kind of perfume becomes extremely crucial. Almost as important as making the right attire choices while heading out to work. Most men often replace this feeling with a deodorant or just something off the rack, without putting an extensive amount of thought into it. A good perfume not only makes you physically more attractive, it can also help foster deep emotional connections. We put together a quick guide on things to adhere to when picking a fragrance, what to expect, things to consider and finally, how to wear it the right way. 


A common misconception when it comes to choosing perfumes is the fact that the more expensive, the better the quality. However, this could not be farther from the truth. The amount of perfume oil concentrate that is present in the perfume usually is what dictates the price. Most brands create perfumes with an age-old formula that has worked for decades and get consumed voraciously by the masses. Make sure you take the required advice before you invest in an expensive fragrance.


Be attuned to your natural body odour and try to find a scent that organically complements it. Being aware of the kind of notes that each perfume has and the dominating ones which sync perfectly with your natural body odour is important in understanding which fragrance to pick. 


This can be quite tricky as fragrances often come in various sizes and shapes. Starting from as small as 1 oz. to medium sized 3.4 oz bottles or the larger ones, there are various samples to pick from. The perfumes can go through numerous changes depending on where it has been stored, the heat that it is exposed to and so on. In such circumstances, ensuring that you pick a bottle that gets used well in time is the right way to purchase a perfume. Be mindful of the amount of perfume you use in a day and take an estimate accordingly. Bedroom closets or bathroom cabinets are the perfect places to store these bottles. 


Spraying the perfume on dry skin is the first step towards applying a great quality fragrance. Apply the perfume to areas where the body heat is the maximum such as your wrist, lower jaw, chest. If the perfume you have chosen is a good quality one, respraying will not be required and starting with a light hand will also do the trick. Make sure you do not rub the areas where you have applied the perfume as this kills the essence and makes the scent weaker. 

A Mans guide to fragrance