Hair | 04 Jan
How is Beer Good
for Your Hair

How beer is good for hair

Yes, you read that right. Beer is proven to be excellent for your hair if used the right way. Hair care for most men is an aspect that often gets overlooked. Rarely does this breed go out of their ways and means to ensure that hair is groomed and well kept. Not every one uses hair gels and creams as easily and, in such situations, an easier fix is always welcome. 
We have all heard about beer shampoos and conditioners that use beer as their primary ingredient. Silica is a component that is present in beer which is proven to thicken hair quality and improve hair growth. Using a beer treatment can no only stimulate blood circulation to the scalp and thereby improve your hair growth by opening up the hair follicles, it also conditions the hair and makes it reasonably softer. 

How beer is good for hair


So how exactly does one attempt to use beer for improving one’s hair quality? Here are a few quick ways-

  • Indulge in a Beer Rinse 

Once a week, leave the beer overnight to make it go flat. Couple of hours into leaving it outside the cooler, use the beer as a shampoo and rise your hair thoroughly. A good rinse with beer as the shampoo will balance the ph levels of your scalp and seal your cuticles. 

  • Create a Mixture 

Take half a cup of water, half a cup of beer and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Mix all the ingredients together and create a paste that you can place in a container. Pour this mixture on your scalp and rinse properly. Make sure you work your scalp with your fingers or the comb and let it sit for a couple of minutes before you decide to wash it off.

  • DIY Beer and Egg Hair Mask 

A great way to experiment and keep things cool this summer is to build a hair mask at home. All you will need is a beer that has the fizz taken out of, a spoon of avocado oil and a raw egg. This hair mask is brilliant in nourishing and strengthening your hair follicles and works towards relaxing your roots. Mix the ingredients and apply it to your hair before you shampoo it off. 
Beer acts as a great cleansing agent and since it is not as hard on the scalp as some shampoos, it works well in improving hair quality and gives your hair a shiny appeal. If you have oily hair, make sure you do not apply a conditioner as beer as an ingredient conditions the hair sufficiently. As you start to use beer for your weekly cleanse, you will notice your hair becoming shinier and softer. You can stop using a conditioner once you see this effect. The protein and Vitamin B that is inherently present in beer are powerful components that tighten the hair’s cuticles and work on strengthening the hair follicles right from the roots.